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21 Jul 11

Thank you Clean Bins for your excellent and REGULAR service...
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Client in Godalming

24 Jun 11

We don't have to live with a disgusting smell emanating from our bin anymore! Thank you Clean-Bins..
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Client in Ascot

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About Us


CLEAN BINS' mission is to offer a professional, reliable service to all its customers and at the same time protect the environment by following guide lines and legislation set out by the Environment Agency.

CLEAN BINS is licensed by Thames Water and the Environment Agency to carry waste and to discharge it in a safe manner.   By using our services you are not polluting your local waterways by washing waste, dirt and chemicals into your local storm ditches and drains.  All waste-water and dirt that comes out of your bin is contained within the mobile cleaning unit and discharged under license, only at points approved by Thames Water, in accordance with guidelines set out by The Environment Agency.

CLEAN BINS use a special cleaning unit that filters, recycles and captures all the water we use throughout the day. We also use natural solvents and disinfectants that are biodegradable and that kill 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses and fungi.

CLEAN BINS aims to give you the peace of mind that your wheelie, recycle or food bins are hygienically clean, disinfected and free of nasty odours.  Having your refuse bin cleaned regularly also removes and considerable reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, this will in turn help to protect your family, clients or business.

CLEAN BINS offers four cleaning options.  If you contact us we will be happy to advise you as to which option may be suitable to your specific needs, or indeed set up a unique service for your own requirements.

CLEAN BINS is mainly active in Surrey and North East Hampshire, but a detailed map of our service areas is available on our 'Service Areas' link on the menu bar of this website.   Alternatively fill in the 'Request a Call Back' form on the Contact Us page and we will return your call should you have any further questions.