Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I move?

If you remain within our Service area we move with you otherwise you might like to leave the cleaning credits with the new occupiers as a gesture of kindness!

What are your payment methods?

cash, cheque, online transfer, c/card or debit card (over the phone or online via our website)

Do our methods meet the guide lines of the Environmental Agency?

All waste-water and dirt from within the bin is contained within the mobile cleaning units and discharged under license only at points approved by the local authorities and water companies in accordance with guidelines set out by The Environment Agency.

When do the bins get cleaned?

On the day that the bin men empty the bins, unless otherwise arranged.

Which areas does CLEAN BINS cover?

CLEAN BINS is mainly active in the Surrey are, but a detailed map of our service areas is available on our website. Alternatively fill in the ‘Request a Call Back’ form on the Contact Us page and we will return your call with an answer.

How often should you have your refuse bin cleaned?

We offer four cleaning options. If you contact us we will be happy to advise you as to which option may be suitable to your specific needs.

1. SINGLE:      One off clean at your request.

2. BRONZE:     Quarterly cleans (4 cleans per bin every 12 weeks.)

3. SILVER:       Six cleans (in 8 week intervals)

4. GOLD:         Monthly clean. (Every 4 weeks)

5. TOP-UP:     One Off clean on request to existing customers needing an extra clean.

What does CLEAN BINS use to clean refuse bins?

Clean bins makes a significant contributions by providing eco-friendly, specialist cleaning agents and services to domestic, organizations, commerce and industry sectors to meet the ever more stringent health, safety and environmental regulations.

What contribution do we make in creating a safer environment?

Firstly, it gives you the peace of mind that your wheelie, recyle or food bin is hygienically clean, disinfected and free of bad odors. Having your refuse bin cleaned also removes and considerable reduces the spread of harmful germs, viruses and fungi, this will in turn help to protect your family, clients or business.